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Since we first developed PIEZOSURGERY®, our devices have been revolutionizing osseous surgery in a variety of clinical specialties. Our technology’s many applications in dentistry, implantology and oral surgery range from extractions to orthognathic procedures. In all clinical applications, PIEZOSURGERY® delivers great cutting efficiency, maximum intraoperatory control and visibility, and utmost safety when working in proximity to delicate anatomical structures such as nerves, membranes and blood vessels.
In-Service Videos

Accelerated Orthodontics
Atraumatic Extractions
Bone Block/ Chip Harvesting
Crestal Sinus Lift
Crown Lengthening
Cyst/ Tumor Removal
Distraction Osteogenesis
Dysgnathic Surgery
Impacted Tooth Exposure
Implant Cleaning
Implant Site Preparation
Implant Removal
Lateral Sinus Lift
Nerve Repositioning
Periodontal Surgery
Periodontal Treatment
Ridge Expansion
Subperiostal Preparation
Tori Removal