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The incorporation of Piezosurgery® by mectron into both my private practice and Institute over the past fourteen years has indeed resulted in a distinct paradigm shift with all of my bone grafting protocols. This exciting technology has afforded me the ability to fine tune and finesse all bone related surgery including donor and recipient site preparation for bone grafting and implant placement, as well as extraction site management and implant removal.

Dr. Michael Pikos

Trinity, Florida

The Piezosurgery® unit has allowed me to perform very precise and minimally invasive procedures for my patients and it out-performs any of the other Piezo units. This is the standard and original with substantial documentation and research behind it.

Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic

Los Angeles, California

I use Piezosurgery® by mectron for almost all surgical procedures; it reduces my surgical stress while improving patient outcomes. This equals fun for me and it is evidence-based.

Dr. Robert Levine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I have used Piezosurgery for many years now.  I am extremely impressed with the abilities of the newer model.  It cuts much faster, smoother and easier than the original model that I used, loved, and still have.  This unit allows me as a full scope Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to perform so many things so much better than I ever could.  I am able to segmentalize bone easily, performing intricate osteotomies without damage to soft tissues or bone.  I can reflect and reposition an inferior alveolar nerve without worry of damaging it and open a sinus far more predictably. I consider Piezosurgery as basic piece of equipment that is required for any specialist to operate when offering their patients the best of care.
Dr. Robert Lemke

San Antonio, Texas

I have been using Piezosurgery® in my OMS practice for 5 years. Piezosurgery® provides a new level of precision, efficiency and safety in surgical treatment. Complicated procedures including Sinus Grafting, Ridge Expansion and Nerve Repositioning can be performed with less stress and have an expanded role in my practice. The speed of the unit is impressive, reducing operative time and patient discomfort.
Dr. Daniel R. Cullum

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

What would you use in your mouth? The gold standard, impeccably manufactured, grounded in science, and well-documented in the literature; or something else that is “just as good” The answer is clear. You would utilize Piezosurgery®. Don’t our patients, who place their trust in us, deserve the same? There is no other alternative.
Dr. Paul Fugazzotto

Milton, Massachusetts

The Piezosurgery® machine is a multi-purpose unit that allowed me to enjoy surgery stress-free in Periodontics, implant dentistry, ridge augmentation and extractions. Nowadays, the goals of our treatment are very challenging, precision and finesse are key elements for achieving these goals. Piezosurgery® has been a great tool to help me be on the cutting edge.

Dr. Edgard El Chaar

New York, New York

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I remove a lot of teeth and do a lot of bone reconstructive surgery. Using Piezosurgery® makes it so much easier for patients to go through those procedures. Being more gentle with both the teeth and the hard tissue, Piezosurgery® makes patients heal better with less swelling and less trauma, so that they get a much more beneficial result.

Dr. Joel L. Rosenlicht

Manchester, Connecticut

A friend’s daughter recently came to me to have an impacted super numeral tooth removed. Upon taking a panorex radiograph, I discovered it was below the apex of the pre-molar and below the mandibular inferior alveolar canal. To my surprise, the CT showed it was against the lingual plate. I had to reflect the lingual tissue and mylohyoid muscle to gain access to the site. Without my Piezosurgery® machine the uncovery and extraction of this bony impaction could have been potentially life threatening. It gave me great peace of mind that I could work in the floor of the mouth without risk of cutting the lingual artery or inferior alveolar nerve. The Piezosurgery® unit paid for itself 100 times over that day. It’s also great for osteotomies when preparing bone blocks. No longer do I have to green stick fracture a thick cortical plate to harvest the bone. Instead, a very predictable volume of bone and a more atraumatic procedure for the patient is found when using this device.

Dr. Carl E. Misch

Beverly Hills, Michigan

I have enjoyed using the Piezosurgery® system. I use it daily to remove teeth. By using this system, I can remove a tooth with virtually no loss of buccal or labial bone, from molars to incisors. I have also been using it for all of my sinus windows with collection of the bone for sinus graft. The system is reliable and well worth the money.

Dr. Michael Block

Metairie, Louisiana

The technology of the Piezosurgery® unit has fundamentally changed several elements of my practice. The advantages provided by this single piece of equipment during extractions, bone contouring, bone grafting and implant placement have made the Piezosurgery® unit an essential component for my practice.

Dr. Larry Mulvaney

Niles, Illinois

I have enjoyed using the Piezosurgery® unit. It has allowed me to perform surgical procedures like ridge splitting and fine osteotomies with greater ease and safety. It has also allowed me to place implants closer to the IAN without damaging the nerve. I would highly recommend it to any surgeon who places implants on a regular basis.

Dr. Robert Mraule

Salinas, California

The Piezosurgery® unit has become our ‘go to’ instrument, replacing everything from periotomes, saws for harvesting block and particulate bone grafts and various armamentarium for sinus surgery. The speed and efficiency of this tool is unmatched… the best NEW surgical product I’ve found in my 27+ years of clinical practice.

Dr. Richard Nessif

Columbia, Maryland

My Piezosurgery® device has transformed my surgeries, especially sinus lifts and ridge expansion procedures, to be more efficient, more comfortable, and best of all, it helps to conserve the bone. I absolutely love this piece of surgical equipment!

Dr. Jeanne Salcetti

Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have been using my Piezosurgery® unit so far mostly for extractions – it has saved me a lot of time and effort and has been great for my patients. Also, there has been a lot less swelling and post-op pain. Most of all the support from my product specialist has been great – truly a difference vs. the competitor. He makes the customer service with this unit worth the extra cost!

Dr. Hana Hobbs

Durham, North Carolina

Piezosurgery® makes sinus lifts and bone graft surgery part of everyday practice with minimal effort.

Dr. Greg Santarelli

Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Piezosurgery® unit has revolutionized the ability to extract root tips atraumatically in my practice. This unit has become indispensable for many of my surgical procedures.

Dr. Morris Wasylenki

Mansfield, Ohio

Piezosurgery® is essential for implant site preparation and for more accurate placement of implant fixtures. For complex periodontal surgery, it improves visibility and cuts down on time.

Dr. Andrew Browar

Hinsdale, Illinois

Sinus lifts, EL, you almost have to try to perforate. I used for sinus lift and to date I haven’t had any sinus perforation and the E-1 & E-2 are much quicker and more reliable.

Dr. Bruce Frazer

Gahanna, Ohio

Difficult endodontic apical bone surgery is easier with Piezosurgery®. Especially when instrumentation involves approximation or connection with the inferior alveolar canal or mental foramen.

Dr. Russel Kiser

Mansfield, Ohio

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I need and use my drill constantly. I have found that surgically extracting erupted teeth is so much easier and my incidence of dry sockets has also decreased. The greatest advantage for me is how quickly I can do an osteotomy or get into the sinus for a sinus lift procedure. Speed of service combined with a decrease in postoperative pain is always a great combination.

Dr. Virginia Lee

Washington, District of Columbia

Today I AM Piezo man! Just thought you should know that I did a ridge split on the L side of the mandible and placed three implants with the piezo and then did a block graft on the R side on same patient. The Piezo was fantastic in these roles. Also wanted to let you know that the diamond tip with the point is excellent as an aid to bone tack placement in the mandible. A 2 ½ hour case and the Piezo all the way.

Dr. David W. Todd

Lakewood, New York

Can’t tell you how much I love this device – please use me as reference. I use it all day.

Dr. Joseph Carpentieri

White Plains, New York

Today I took out a severely resorbed 18 that would have taken half the day if we did not have the Piezo!! It was a very distal tooth in the angle of the ramus with the distal root almost completely resorbed…came out quite nicely!! Made our day a little smoother!

Dr. Katharine Munn

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Things are doing just fine with my Piezosurgery® machine and I’m using it quite often.

Dr. Rudi Lantelme

Boston, Massachusetts

My first case this AM was a bilateral Mandibular tori reduction. I used my new 0.3mm saw that came last week and it was awesome. I got done with cutting the tori in just a couple of minutes. It worked much better than I expected to.

Dr. Mark Hochberg

Manchester, New Hampshire

I love the Piezosurgery® machine. Using it to place implants, clean out ext sites, sinus lifts and gbr. Great buy; should have bought it a year ago

Dr. Isaac D. Tawil

Brooklyn, New York

I have used the Piezosurgery® device for less than a month and patients have already benefited from sinus lift, alveolar ridge splitting technique and implant placement, and extractions. I love the ease of use, cleanliness of the surgical site and the decreased trauma to the patient’s alveolar bone. The only regret that I have is that I did not purchase the device previously.

Dr. Lee Ayers

Columbia, South Carolina

Since I purchased the Piezosurgery® device, extractions have become so much easier. My patients are happy because there is ‘no noise of the drill’ associated with the surgical procedures. The end result is much better and healing is vastly improved.

Dr. Frank Vigliotti

Poughkeepsie, New York

Piezosurgery® is characterized by extraordinary precision, ease of use, and safety when preparing or harvesting bone, performing surgery near soft tissues and vital structures, and facilitating atraumatic extractions.

Dr. Aaron Prestup

Avenel, New Jersey

The Piezosurgery® technology is incredible. I have had many occasions to discuss the many advantages of your system with not only my patients but GPs as well. We list Piezosurgery® on our website under technology. We have gained much peace of mind since purchasing this system.

Dr. Cheryl Higgins

White Plains, New York

I cannot begin to tell you how much less stress is associated with cutting the lateral wall window with the Piezosurgery® device.

Dr. Jay Rubin

Brooklyn, New York

Thanks to Piezosurgery®, my patients have appreciated the improved post-operative comfort, as they have been able to enjoy.

Dr. Kirk Noraian

Bloomington, Illinois

Awesome instrument! Used Monday for sinus lift and immediate placement of implant #14…great!
Dr. Pierpaolo Preceruti

Albany, New York

I used Piezosurgery® a few weeks ago for a segmental maxillary osteotomy….worked great.
Dr. Salvatore Ruggerio

West Islip, NY

New technology should allow a clinician to do something better, quicker or allow something that could not be done before. The Piezosurgery® unit fits those criteria for myself and the other three doctors in the practice.

Dr. Ralph Wilson

Paradise Valley, Arizona

Piezosurgery® is truly one of the most useful technological advancements in surgical and regenerative therapy. Excellent for difficult extractions, sinus procedures and bone remodeling.

Dr. Arthur Schwartz

Wakefield, Massachusetts

I strongly endorse the Piezosurgery® device. I have used it extensively in my practice for the last six years. Could not do a sinus lift without it now!
Dr. Anastasia Kelekis-Cholakis

Winnipeg, Canada

I routinely use my Piezosurgery® device for all endodontically treated extractions prior to immediate implant placement, for the most conservative bone removal and least trauma possible. Takes a little longer, but it is well worth the effort.

Dr. David Ettinger

Newark, Delaware

My first extraction with Piezosurgery®! Severely decayed premolars several millimeters subgingival. I removed them in under five minutes from start to finish! That was like hitting the easy button! Love Piezosurgery®!!!

Dr. David Compton

Clackamas, Oregon

I purchased my Piezosurgery® unit as soon as it was available in the United States. It revolutionized the ease and precision of bone surgeries.
Dr. Robert Fontanesi

Orange, California

Piezosurgery® has helped to improve my per unit time, reduce the net cost to patients and reduce the amount of tissue manipulation.

Dr. Fredric L. Bonine

Brighton, Michigan

I would not be able to achieve the same results with the same precision and lack of complications and morbidity as I am able to with this unit. THIS is the return on investment. I like the power and tactile feedback I get with the Mectron Piezosurgery® unit and knowing that the tip designs are validated by research has made this the preferred machine for me.

Dr. Giles Horrocks

Boulder, Colorado

The Mectron Piezosurgery® unit has met our clinical needs and we are confident using it based on the large amount of research behind the Piezosurgery® unit. The Piezosurgery® unit has allowed us to perform multiple procedures at once which benefits our patients and practice.

Dr. Bruce Houser

Phoenix, Arizona

The Piezosurgery® unit has been the most satisfying equipment purchase I have made in several years. The relative ease for patients and operator alike make this device a must. There is no question that this is an excellent investment!

Dr. Gary Bloch

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Piezosurgery® is an absolute must for the contemporary surgery practice. The precision cutting and ease of use is exceptional. I use it daily in my practice. Thank you Dr. Vercellotti for this fabulous technology.

Dr. Charles D. Hasse

Irvine, California

When I was in my chief year of OMFS residency at UAB, I began looking for a piezo unit mainly to assist in procedures requiring bone harvest, osteoperiosteal flaps (sandwich grafts and ridge splits), and possibly assisting in atraumatic extractions. I had experience with a competitive unit during residency that I had mostly positive experiences, but with some occasional mechanical difficulties. During my search of which device to utilize in my future practice, I had looked at 2 main units, the Piezosurgery 3 and a competitive unit. At first, I believed the main driving force influencing my decision was going to be cost. However, there were noticeable differences between the 2 units that made the decision pretty easy. I found the Piezosurgery unit to be much more stable and reliable. While demonstrating the competitive unit, the saw tip disengaged on more than one occasion that could have been an injury risk if occurring during surgery. I especially like the snap indication when tightening the tip on the Piezosurgery unit. I have been using the Piezosurgery 3 unit for the past six months and have never had an issue with it. I find myself using it more and more often with extractions when bone retention is paramount. In addition, I’ve had restoring doctors witness its use during surgery. Regardless of what impressive techniques I’m using regarding the case, the restoring doctors are always most impressed with the Piezosurgery unit. Most importantly, the patient feedback with the unit, both perioperatively and postoperatively, are consistently positive. They love to learn about the technology and are very receptive when alluding to its lesser damage to bone and its forgiving nature to soft tissue. I would highly recommend this unit and will likely be looking to add on another unit soon to include in another operatory.
Dr. Jarred Abel, DDS, MD

Chevy Chase, Maryland

I have used four different brands of piezo surgical units. Piezosurgery® by Mectron offers the highest quality in terms of cutting efficiency, minimal trauma to the bone (especially in deep cutting), and I use it every day for my bone augmentation/ridge splitting techniques!
Dr. Samuel Lee

Newton, Massachusetts