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PIEZOSURGERY® touch by Mectron

The premiere device on the market, developed specifically for the progressive specialist practice.

NEW Sinus Lift Insert Tip Kits!

Piezosurgery Incorporated is proud to announce two new sinus lift insert tip kits by mectron.

Our Most Popular Tip Made Slimmer

The new S1S insert tip makes prophylaxis a breeze with its slim design


The perfect device for the general practitioner looking to elevate their standard of care.

Clinical Advantages

The unmatched precision of PIEZOSURGERY® by mectron preserves soft tissue and allows for minimally invasive procedures.


The real PIEZOSURGERY® by mectron on the advanced electronics and software of the device console to generate its unique, patented dual wave.

Unique Benefits

PIEZOSURGERY® by mectron provides surgeons with greater control and safety discriminating between mineralized and soft tissues.