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Introducing the New MODfix / UNIfix Fixation Systems!


MODfix Modular Fixation System

The MODfix system is comprised of titanium alloy Ti6AI4V fixaion screws and complementary titanium alloy Ti6AI4V abutments, designed for oral and maxillofacial bone regeneration. MODfix screws are available in two diameters with color-coding. The 1.2mm diameter screws are gold-shaded and 1.5 mm diameter screws are blue-shaded. The self tapping macro-threaded leanth is 3mm for all screws. Additional 1mm of microthreads are present on all screws, except the 3mm-long screw. The threaded portion of the screws are intended for anchorage in bone, while the non-threaded portions are intended to extend outside of the bone and provide a tenting effect for bone augmentation.

UNIfix Universal Fixation System

The Unifix system is comprised of titanium alloy Ti6AI4V fixation screws designed for oral and maxillofacial bone regeneration. Screws are composed of macro- and micro-threads for optimal primary stability. The screws are installed and removed using a hex driver, providing a very stable user interface.

Developed by Dr. Homa Zadeh DDS, PhD

“As a clinician, I took advantage of many benefits of fixation screws for GBR, as well as for block or membrane fixation. However, I found most screws were flawed in their design making their clinical use very challenging. That is why a dramatically new approach was taken in designing the MODfix and UNIfix systesm to facilitate their cliincal use. The MODfix and UNIfix systesm are very stable, allowing the surgeon to instal and remove them with ease. The abutments allow for creation of a protected space during healing, which is the most important principle in osteosynthesis.”

– Dr. Homa Zadeh DDS, PhD